Art Car Boot Fair 2019 | LOVE

Advance tickets to our LOVE MARGATE EDITION on September 28 now available:

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The Art Car Boot Fair's mid-summer art love-in will bring together over 120 artists at Kings Cross in Lewis Cubitt Square - a beautiful new civic space designed by Laurie Olin and right next to Coal Drops Yard. For those unfamiliar, the Art Car Boot Fair is a curated contemporary art event where our line-up of artists are invited to create artworks especially for the day and to show up in person to sell them at astonishing prices. In these distempered times our 2019 theme is love - love for the planet, love for each other and, of course, love of art. There will also be mystery prizes, raffles, pass the art parcel, the art of dating and the Secret Midsummer Art Casino! Lots of hand finishing and personalisations directly by the artists, portrait opportunities and many ways to get involved to boot! There will be art for everyone's taste and pocket, plus a host of cool performances, delicious food and sublime drinks!

Advance ticket holders only between 1-2pm Tickets on the door after 2pm.

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