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Art Cycle Basket Fair


Gavin Turk . Kate Knight .Maria Teresa Gavazzi, India Roper Evans & Julie Maddison. Silvia Ziranek . Elli Popp . The Misfortune Teller . Ruth Fox . Sven Cycles . DearSusan . Retrouvius . Help Refugees . Imad's Syrian Kitchen . Christine Binnie . Morel Books . Atom Gallery. Freddies Flowers . Granary Square Brasserie Ice Cream Bike . Gavin Turk Studio Bike Tours . Sexton Ming .The Idler . Ruth Fox . Joseph Sakoilsky . Dion Kitson . Christabel McGreevy. Joe Sweeney . Ed Eustace . Nazanin Moradi . Marie Aimee Fattouche . Emmely Elgersma . Blake O'Donnell . Paul Hodgson . Scarlett Bowman . Adam Waymouth . Kingsley Ifill . Mia Pfeifer with Bea Bonafini, Maisie Cousins . Laurence Owen & Adeline de Monseignat. Fay Burnett’s Hairy Communicators and The Professional Audience Kings Cross Safari .

Plus!!!! The Amazing Rimski & Handkerchief - a piano & double bass due….on bicycles!!

The idea for the Art Cycle Basket Fair came about as we embrace a more eco-friendly future and also our future Cycle Editions can access a greater range of interesting urban spaces. This new event will celebrate art on a bicycle, the art of the bicycle and the bicycle as art and is a fun way to develop our key ethos of bringing art to the people, and to offer people the chance to snap up an artwork by both well known and the most promising up-and-coming  artists. 

Gavin Turk