Art Cycle Basket Fair

A mere ten second bike ride from Granary Square is the historic and beautifully restored West Handyside Canopy where we will be presenting our first ever Art Cycle Basket Fair. Featuring a special line-up of brilliant young talent, many of whom have been proposed by our established Art Car Boot Fair artists, our Cycle Edition will retain the key characteristics of the Art Car Boot Fair only instead of car boots we will have art spilling out of bicycle baskets, panniers, rucksacks and Cargo bikes. Plus! ‘Bicycle art’ - art that you can actually display on your bicycle from embellished bells to crossbar stickers, spoke art and handle bar attachments plus there’ll be some very cool frame customisations and bespoke (!) bicycles on display.

 Duchamp's bicycle wheel 1951

Duchamp's bicycle wheel 1951

The Art Cycle Basket Fair came about as we embrace a more eco-friendly future and also our future Cycle Editions can access a greater range of interesting urban spaces. This new event will celebrate art on a bicycle, the art of the bicycle and the bicycle as art and is a fun way to develop our key ethos of bringing art to the people, and to offer people the chance to snap up an artwork by the most promising up-and-coming  artists. 

Plus!  Oddball cycle-powered printing presses, piano players and performers! 

We’ll be presenting some musings and observations on The Bicycle and Art here over the next few weeks.
Our Art Cycle Basket Line-up will be announced in the first week of August.

The Art Cycle Basket Fair is generously supported by:

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