04/08/2021 AUGUST SIZZLE


Twelve extraordinary paintings, an exclusive new series of monoprints, original Polaroids and a new Fruit Salad & Black Jack print edition  - released in the ACBFSHOP today.

For the last of our weekly releases of exclusive artworks by popular ACBF artists until September we have some delicious new pieces from Susie Hamilton, Miranda Boulton, R&FMo, Rachel Megawhat, Kelly-Ann Davitt and Sean Worrell. 

These artworks join some striking etching and print editions from Chris Burns, Christian Furr and Jason Gibilaro, and a beautiful stone and glass sculpture edition from Stephanie Carlton-Smith.

Hamilton’s beach paintings conjure up the writings of Camus, Bowles, Ballard and Plath. There is something so mesmerisingly uncanny in the skies over these Normandy beach scenes, beyond and above the human bodies sunning themselves on the sands. 

The works are of the beach at Berck, just north of Rouen - its long sands flanked by a huge convalescent home and the strange juxtaposition was immortalised in Sylvia Plaths 1961 Berck-Plage poem and now in these fabulous ‘electrifyingly coloured sherbert’ paintings  by Hamilton. Normally selling for over £500 the artist has made this series of five works available for just £300 for the ACBFSHOP.

Susie Hamilton - Beach Studies

Boulton’s ‘Flower Studies’ are a series one off mono prints on vintage paper with acrylic spray paint.  Through these drawings she processes a stream of memories into a new body of work, pulling on many different artworks, times and employing her distinctive style of linear mark making. 

She explores combining powdery spray paint with delicate line drawings, to produce a series of intimate and subtle works. Each is unique. Read the ACBFNEWS story on Boultings work here (click through to: https://www.artcarbootfair.com/news/jackson-painting-prize-winner-joins-the-acbf-flora-and-fauna-line-up)

Miranda Boulton - Flower Series

R & F Mo’s paintings explore narratives that connect the sensed and the dreamed and in doing so they present something delightful and magical. These are paintings to gaze upon and spur ones own dreams and imaginings - especially in these hazy days of summer. 

The works are endlessly engaging, humorous and a complete pleasure to view and raise curiosity about the relationships between the figures, where they come from, how they met, who they are, where they are going...

R & F MO - 'Toot' & 'Behind You'

Rachel Megawhat’s Original Polaroids present a perfect alchemy of her way of seeing her floral subjects combined with the special colour qualities of polaroid film - these pieces really are exquisite gems of artworks. Perfect entrapments of ephemeral beauty.

Rachel Megawhat - Flower Polaroids

Kelly-Ann Davitt is known for her hyper-real photo realist style. Her recent paintings of nostalgic sweetshop favourites including 'Fruit Salad' and 'Black Jack’ have been selling out fact and the ACBF is  delighted to be able to make these two favourites available to all in a keenly priced, colour popping print edition.

Kelly-Anne Davitt - 'Black Jack' & 'Fruit Salad' 

Sean Worrell has been painting studies of summer fruits recently and we love these plums and pomegranates! The rich reds and purple blacks against terracotta orange backgrounds are teethsinkingly good - plus Sean’s whole ethos is about making art accessible to all (he often leaves his works in places for free acquisition) so we have four beautiful paintings of fruits in the ACBFSHOP this week, all original painting and all only £60-£80 each.

Sean Worrall - Fruit Painting

A huge thank you to all the artists who have released works with the ACBFSHOP since we launched on July 30 - to Catherine Lette, Mekia Machine, Ian Dawson (NB. Autumn Attic featuring Ian’s work opens next week at Flowers Gallery) & Haus of Lucy in addition to those above and thank you to everyone who’s bought art this summer - it's a sure-fire way to add some joy into your home and your life. 

We have some super-exciting releases already planned for September and will be announcing dates and details of our next ACBF event. Meanwhile look out for our IG Live interview with Chris Burns next week, our special Strawberry Sunday on August 14th and have a lovely rest of the Summer!

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