What We Do

The Art Car Boot Fair has taken place annually since 2004 and in that time has featured literally hundreds of artists from Turner prize-winners to emerging young artists, and more recently the cream of the urban art scene.

The idea is simply that the artists show up in person to flog their specially made just-for-the-day wares. It’s all run like a club where all the participants are invited by us or recommended by other booters and, unlike any other art fair, there is no financial transaction between the artist and the organisers. They simply show up and take what they make. The project is run on a sponsorship model and as well as funding the event, the sponsor also provide production funds for invited artists. 



Art Car Boot Fair founder Karen Ashton produces the events with her sister Helen Hayward.

 The inspiration comes from a wonderful event that took place in the mid-90’s called the Fete Worse than Death, devised by the late, lamented Joshua Compston. Subsequent events, the Articultural Shows run by Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis were also influential and Gavin Turk was the first artist we approached to take part in the inaugural event.

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