Join us for our first ever Art Car Boot Fair Christmas Wrap Party!

The Art Car Boot Fair Christmas Wrap Party will bring together over 70 artists in a covered venue in the heart of Vauxhall's gallery district. Expect incredible Christmas gift bargains, mystery prizes, raffles, pass the art parcel and the Secret Santa Casino! Hand finishing and personalisations directly by the artists. Something for everyone and our off-beat spin on festive fun! Plus! Performances! Plus! Special wrapping and postage services.

This venue has a maximum capacity so book early to avoid disappointment! Advance ticket holders only between 12 - 1:30pm. Tickets on the door after 1:30pm.


Rachel Howard . Geraldine Swayne . Jessica Voorsanger . Polly Morgan . Kristjana S Williams . Bob & Roberta Smith . Marcus Harvey . Mat Collishaw . Gavin Turk . Mr Bingo . Patrick Hughes . Barry Reigate . Kate Knight . Carrie Reichardt . Amelia Troubridge . True Rocks . Christabel McGreevy . Laura New . Sara Pope . Camille Phoenix . Colin Self . Andrew Weatherall . James Birch . Justin Robertson . Matt Small . Charming Baker . Trolley Books & TJ Boulting . Cob Gallery & Help Refugees . Ian Dawson . Ava May Hayward . Turps Painters . Jake Clark . David Batchelor . Dion Kitson . Christian Furr . Wildcat Will . Rennaissance Selfies . Keira Rathbone Typewriter Artist . L-13 with Jamie Reid . Liam Ryan . Sadie Hennessey . Paul Sakoilsky . Wilfred Wood . Tony Beaver . Stephanie Carlton Smith . Holly Allan . Ruth Fox . James Joyce . David David . Cate Halpin and the Outside World . The Misfortune Teller . Meanmail . Wilma Johnson . Alice Herrick & Rachel Megawhat . Jennifer Binnie . Christine Binnie . Paul Davis . Elli Popp . Morel Books . Flying Leaps . Lady Muck . Sean Worrall . Emma Harvey . Quiet British Accent . Julie Maddison . Misha Milovanovich . Kelly-Ann Davitt . Wildcat Will . Jane Howard . Atom Gallery . Richard Clegg & Zach . Keeler Tornero . Alteria Art with Nancy Fouts . Jealous Gallery with Charming Baker, Chris Levine, Ben Eine, Ceal Warnants, Dave Buona Guidi + . Moniker Projects with Matt Small and Lucas Price . Art on a Postcard with Russian Dolls (more details soon) . The Beauty Papers with Gillian Wearing, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Julie Verhoeven + . Bumble & Earwig . Silvia Ziranek . Joseph Gibson . Smithson Gallery with Frea Buckler, Gillian Garnica, Sarah Duncan, Jason Lilley . Jono Boyle, Rose Emerson, Andrew Millar, Charlotte Farmer and Claire Halifax . Abigail Fallis . Aster Guinness . Beatrice Brown. Bertie Bannerman with Orfeo and Fred.

Plus The Secret Santa Casino!!!!

Plus! Justin Robertson and Lulu Levan DJ-ing, the Treble Maker Acapella Christmas Carol singing, Bridget Virden and the Christmas Wreath Makers, Stephanie-Carlton Smiths Special Christmas Wrapping Services, Juma Kitchens Delicious Festive Menu, Mulled Cider, Cheese & Port and mystery guests!!!

Some of what will be on offer on December 9th!


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