16/11/2022 It's as simple as... ACBF

It's as simple as... ACBF

This Firework Night we are releasing preview images of some of the firecrackers of artworks that we’re packing into our next online event IT’S A PATTERN guaranteed to brighten up your life long after the last rocket has burst brilliantly across the night sky and fallen back to Earth. 

With so many fabulous patterns emerging already, painterly, typographically, thematically and laterally (!) we’ll be pushing new artworks out across our social channels on a daily basis and filling our grids and timelines with some real bangers, sparklers and the odd supernova! We’re going to inject joy and visual intrigue into your art collections, show some fascinating perspectives, burst with colour and form and bring to the fore the power of art to psychologically sooth and transform our moods. 

 Exclusive works at recession busting prices. Life-enhancing art for tough times!! 


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