Polaroid as part of the series Tulip Mania 3 by Rachel Megawhat
Framed set of eight unique Polaroids, mounted on digital archive print, framed

We’ve picked just a couple of artists from our fabulous Flower Show to describe a little more of what’s going on behind the scenes in their work, though do have a scroll through all the wonderful works on offer, with more being added over the next week or two. 


Polaroid as part of the series Tulip Mania 2 by Rachel Megawhat
Framed set of eight unique Polaroids, mounted on digital archive print, framed

Tulips from Amsterdam! Tulips were first bought to Holland in the 15th century from the Ottoman Empire. The wet, low-lying conditions of the Netherlands made the perfect growing environment, and tulips have been cultivated there ever since.

So when Dutch publishers Baa books invited Rachel Megawhat to Holland to celebrate the publication of her book "Polaroids", Rachel picked up some Dutch tulip bulbs and grew them on her London doorstep. Her beautiful new series Tulip Fever is the result - an exquisite alchemy of the beauty of the blooms and the special nature of Polaroid film. 

When you hold one of Rachel’s flower Polaroids in your hand, you are holding the only such picture of that flower. It is a token of purity in an increasingly manipulated, digitised and pixilated world.

Rachel describes the appeal of creating her flower pieces as lying in her engagement with “a slow contemplative practice” and describes her photographs as “small meditations on colour, beauty and time”. There is texture and depth to these images, reflecting the infinite variety of her subject - the flowers themselves.


Pincushion In Technicolour and Iris In Technicolour by Kristjana S Williams
Limited edition print, signed and numbered


Fresh from the vibrant Kristjana S Williams studio, Kristjana has created a stunning, graphically designed floral artwork, created using an arresting rainbow palette that emphasises the natural movement and flow of nature. 

Iris and Pincushion are both sun-loving plants that radiate the promise of a long and warming summer ahead. Iris and Pincushion in Technicolour look stunning hung individually or as a pair.

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