03/08/2023 The Art Car Boot Fair Goes POP

The Art Car Boot Fair Goes POP

The ACBF team announce our exciting 2023 live event: The Art Car Boot Fair goes Pop! Saturday, September 16, 12-6pm Lewis Cubitt Square, Kings Cross - Get your Earlybird ticket now!

The Art Car Boot Fair goes Pop! makes for a playful tussle with the notion of popular culture in these algorithmically influenced and social media dispersed times. 

In his brilliantly illuminating memoir 'Good Pop, Bad Pop’, Jarvis Cocker makes the distinction between good pop: basically anything that democratises culture (like car boot sales & Penguin books) and bad pop: ways in which good pop’s informality and catchy slogans are used by corporates/mainstream media to manipulate the public.

In a fast mutating world where the mainstream is much distrusted by ‘internet culture’ we ask: who are the new gatekeepers and influencers of what makes up our popular culture now? 

Can it survive the fragmentations into twitch streams, podcasts, substacks and so on where artists and creators communicate directly via online communities, mimetic networks & discord servers? 

And what of phenomenons like hyperreal religions inspired by shared popular culture tropes - like Jediism and Matrixism - that mix elements from religious traditions with popular culture to express new spiritualities?

Whether the message still in the medium, one thing is for sure - people are still crying out for unmediated IRL cultural moments and the gloriously democratic Art Car Boot Fair will deliver this and so much more at Kings X on September 16 - Good Pop guaranteed along with incredible art deals and an art party to boot! GET YOUR EARLY BIRD TICKETS NOW BEFORE THEY GO! ONLY £10!!! FULL LINE UP ANNOUNCEMENT MID AUGUST

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