13/05/2021 SHUTTERBUGS


Artwork by Mat Collishaw

There is an astonishing array of exceptional photography in the Art Car Boot Fair Fora & Fauna online edition. Ranging from 18th century processes to the very latest digital technology the resulting artworks are jaw dropping, eye opening and a complete joy.

From left: Amelia Troubridge, Rob and Nick Carter, Rankin

The always wonderful Amelia Troubridge has a carefully selected edit from her extraordinary archive including a must have print of Nick Cave walking into a verdant forest, Rob and Nick Carter have an exquisite cibachrome packed full of ‘Hyde Park Roses' and Rankin is presenting works from his flower series and they are, as you’d expect, heart-stoppingly beautiful. 

Extraordinary and very collectible new editions from Hi-Noon by Yushi Li, Yutao Gao, Harry Grundy, Simon Popper and Dan Mitchell.

From left: Yushi Li, Yutao Gao, Harry Grundy

 Thrilled to welcome Darklight Art who share our ethos that art should be accessible to all and with a mission to appeal to female collectors - they are presenting stunning new works from The Masons, Jesse Draxler and Tif Hunter.

From left: The Masons, Jesse Draxler, Tif Hunter

There are all sorts of fascinating processes at play -  gorgeous cyanotypes from Carla Borel, photogram screen prints by Joanna Ham, scanner derived lushness from Isabel Bannerman, organic and intensely physical tintypes from Tiff Hunter and innovative phosphorescence from Mat Collishaw.

From left: Carla Borel, Joanna Ham, Isabel Bannerman

If you are looking for a one-off we have three amazing artists in our line-up who are presenting some stunning polaroid based originals at exceptionally accessible prices: Andrew Miller, Rachel Megawhat, and Rachel Howard.

From left: Rachel Howard, Rachel Megawhat, Andrew Miller

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